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Welcome to Tiller Design. We are specialists in product design and development. Our experience delivers genuine value and ensures success for your projects. Meet with us, tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll work side-by-side with you to give your ideas shape and substance. We are passionate about what we do and look forward to collaborating with you.


From a pencil sketch to the shelves of major retail chains throughout North America, we’ve successfully taken our own award-winning products to market. And for more than a quarter-of-a-century, we’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours do the same. If you’re a start up business, you can take comfort knowing we’ve walked the path you’re about to tread. And if you’re a bigger company, with a deeper knowledge of the full commercialisation process, it’s good to know that we’re nimble enough to deliver just the right level of engagement to bring any aspect of your project to fruition.


Every project needs a specialist team with the right balance of skills to ensure a smooth transition from concept to finished article. Whether it’s six months or six years, Tiller Design will ensure your development program stays on track. Tell us what you need, and we’ll build the right team to mentor you through the design process, sense-checking the commercial viability of your project every step of the way. Very quickly, you’ll realise you’re in credible, competent hands. Working alongside Tiller Design, we’ll make certain you circumvent the pitfalls, leapfrog the hurdles to arrive at your successful product design.


Your project needs to be tailored specifically so that you can achieve your goals on time and within budget. We’ll precisely assess your needs then set about building a team of people with perfectly matched skillsets. Leveraging each individual’s abilities makes every project greater than the sum of its parts, delivering true value. Throughout its lifecycle, any project is thoroughly reviewed to make sure it stays on track. Every project comes packaged with its own set of nuances and peculiarities; at Tiller Design we spend a lot of time analysing these, working with you to ensure your project is achievable. Being cost-effective and building value for your company is as important for us as it is for you.

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Trophon EPR®

Nanosonics Trophon EPR® improved the safety and efficiency of ultrasound probe disinfection worldwide.
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Flip Reel by Squiddies™

The multiple international award winning Flip Reel by Squiddies. A modern take on hand line fishing.
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The Little Guy

When sleek design aligns with simple, effective functionality, desirable products are born.
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Tiller Design has been fundamental to the success of our business. Over the past 12 years they have worked alongside us to produce highly innovative ideas and design solutions that are now the cornerstone of our technology and products – all done on time and within budget.

Dr Peter Moran
CEO, Kord Defence

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Internet of Things Set to Boom in The Next 12 Months.
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Alexander Collo Bio
Alexander Collo Bio

Alexander Collo, Tiller Design National Sales Manager. Team Biography.
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Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf
Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf

Problem solving our way to a highly anticipated Australian product launch.
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The Evolution of Prototyping
The Evolution of Prototyping

“The Evolution of Prototyping” by Robert Tiller.
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Robert Tiller. CEO, Tiller Design.


Come and visit us at the studio to talk about your project. We’ll have an open, honest, and friendly discussion. Please consider this a professional, no-obligation, consultation. We’ll share what we know for free, and you won’t have spent a cent.


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