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  • The Portable BBQ's Cultural Advance Continues

    February 02, 2010

    The Portable BBQ's Cultural Advance Continues

    Neo Buddy and E2go portable BBQ’s from Everdure, have just been short listed in this years Australian International Design Awards.

    Designed by Tiller Design with the passion only of the thought of a hot summer afternoon on the beach can muster. We are thrilled that this range of BBQ’s has reached the design awards shortlist.

    With the same cultural impact an innovative kimchi fridge has in Korea, these BBQ’s are set to bring that wafting smell of steak to a park near you.

    Sorry to all the vegetarians out there - we did provide split hot plates so you can enjoy a veggie burger or two.

    Tiller Design are leading Product Designers based in Sydney, We help clients innovate and add value through design.

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  • The Evolution Has Started

    September 06, 2004

    The Evolution Has Started

    Tiller Design and SmartAV have created “The Smart Console™”, the first mixing control surface incorporating patented ARC technology™.

    The smart consoles are a new breed that seriously raise the bar of ergonomic efficiency associated with mixing and editing large numbers of channels. ARC Technology uses a physical ARC to present and unify the functions of interrogation and channel selection. Simply touch the strip, the desired channel and the channels surrounding it immediately appear in front of the operator, as though the operator had instantaneously moved in front of those channels on a traditional long console. With this single touch, 800 previously out of reach controls snap to within reach. Even the handwritten channel description is transferred to the strips in front of you.

    We have had a strong history in the console industry and have worked feverishly with SmartAV to create the smart console. It is immensely exciting and rewarding to be part of a revolution in this industry.

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  • Tiller Design wins Australian Design Award

    April 13, 2004

    Tiller Design wins Australian Design Award

    The Nexus digital broadcast equipment designed by Tiller Design has won an Australian Design Award at this year’s Gala presentation evening held by Australian Design Awards and Standards Australia.

    Nexus was also nominated for Product of the Year, standing along side products like the Qantas Skybed, and the winning Ford Territory FWD/AWD. From 130 entries only 6 made it to the Product of the Year nomination list.

    We have worked very hard to create our unique design business which focuses on all aspects of product life, from design to supply and distribution. We are very proud to continue our tradition of winning awards and achieving very high levels of recognition for what we do.

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