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Rebellious design

Counter-intuitive. Anti-trend. The impulse to confirm that that great design didn’t need to bleep and blink or run algorithms to be genuinely useful was what gave Tiller Design the drive to rehash the humble hand-line fishing reel. In a return to design basics, the Flip Reel is equipped with a large bell to guide the fishing line during casting while doubling up as a protective housing for hook line and sinker when the Reel is ready to put away. Along with a handy stainless steel line cutter the Flip Reel put a fresh spin on accepted design norms, scooping major international awards.

Ergonomics for practical use

With a comfortable soft grip and rubberised finish for ease of use, Flip Reel also grips, reducing the likelihood of slipping from, say, the hull of a kayak. Made to float with a safe hook storage and rubber flip to prevent the line from unwinding in windy conditions, every thought went into simplifying fishing to make it enjoyable for people of any age and all levels of experience.

Reel recognition

In bringing a centuries-old design into the modern era as a foldable, rubber, one-shot mould, hand-line fishing reel–with a number of useful extra features–Tiller has been widely recognised for demystifying the art of fishing and making it accessible to everybody. On top the prestigious Australian awards won, Flip Reel ran on to secure gold at the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)’s 2015 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), and The Curator’s Choice Award from the Henry Ford Museum. From outline sketch to product, manufacture and commercial sales, Tiller has succeeded in driving a simple idea into the hearts and minds of people at the consumer level.

The practicality of this design is one of its standout features. It has been very elegantly resolved with clever use of materials and manufacturing techniques.

Best in Category. Sport and Leisure.
Judges’ Comments, AIDA.


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