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20 Year Anniversary

Twenty Years in the Business of Design

February 2017

“Tiller Design is celebrating its 20th year in business. In that time we’ve designed and delivered some amazing products to the world. What isn’t generally known are some curious statistics about Tiller Design. We hope you enjoy some of them, as we did remembering our adventures.

– 1,850 sketch pads consumed
– 27,600 copic markers used
– 50 patents generated
– 800kg kilos of coffee consumed
– 143 trips to Chinese factories transitioning design to manufacture
– 9,200 foosball matches held in the studio (approx)
– 5,760 hours given to education, mentoring and entrepreneurial assistance
– 148 years and 3 months of combined experience in the current team
– 742 BBQ’s hosted

## Most Unusual Project Tasks Undertaken

– Self testing blood glucose meters – daily for 2 months
– Submitting a prototype to 1000m crush pressure in our own custom built chamber
– Swimming in an electric field to check its subjective effects
– Going down coal mines
– Testing sub mariners escape suits in the local swimming pool
– Being mistaken in a Chinese factory for a famous actor – fun for the first 5 minutes
– Casting fishing lines down the local street
– Hand shaping copper electrodes to get the right external form in the injection moulding tools (pre 3D cad)
– Visiting the US 1 week prior the 2106 election
– Spending a week in a Chinese factories dormitory
– Assembling keyboards on the concourse of Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak airport
– Sending data packs vis fax machines

## Countries Visited & Worked With

Finland, USA, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland, Turkey, Israel, and – the most exotic of all – the inner west of Sydney, Australia.”

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