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Alexander Collo Bio

Alexander Collo, Tiller Design National Sales Manager. Team Biography

July 2016

“Alexander Collo is an accomplished and versatile Business Development Manager with over 15 years experience in the UK and Australia across industrial design, product development and business growth.

Coming from a background in brand management, Alex’s passion for product and brand development began at an early age. After completing his studies at Kingston University, Alex took on a brand development role at Richemont working on Baume and Mercier in the UK, which then brought him to the Australian market.

In 2010, Alex joined the Tiller Design team and today is the right-hand man to the founder and owner Robert Tiller. Whilst Alex is not involved with the day-to-day product design and development of projects, he is regularly called upon to engage with their clients both with regards to specific project needs and other assistance or introductions via their greater network. This can include areas such as grants and government rebates, capital raising, corporate structure, marketing and promotion, production and logistics out of SE Asia.

Alex’s ability to understand and assess the commercial understanding of the customer enables him to provide each and every client with the best services to meet their requirements. He has a large and experienced network to draw upon and if he can help a client to plan and be prepared for the next steps, the end result will always be better.

Some of Alex’s most successful projects to date include:

1. **Ecoult** – Developing a new range of lead acid energy storage systems specifically targeted at renewable energy storage. This project tackled major global issues, which many would not expect an industrial design consultancy to be involved with.
2. **No Rock Technologies** – Translating an ingenious engineering solution into a mass manufacturable product across multiple designs and price points. It is design and engineering working harmoniously together to create an elegant solution, which is commercially competitive.
3. **Flip Reel** – A project very close to his heart, being his own product. Alex was directly involved with helping create the online platform, social media and international distribution. Flip Reel now sells in shops across the US, Amazon and internationally through our website.

Alex’s areas of expertise include:

– New product development, planning and implementation
– Technical product development including ruggedisation and water resistance
– Early stage conceptual development and commercial planning
– IP protection strategies
– Grant funding, private equity and crowd funding strategies
– Commercialisation assistance for new technologies and start-up entities
– Production set up and on-going manufacturing

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