Case Study: BioScout’s Revolutionary Monitoring System

September 2023

Title: Case Study: BioScout's Revolutionary Monitoring System. Good Design Award winner. Image: Photo of Bioscout machine in a field


The Challenge

BioScout, an Agtech company, aim to transform the way farmers detect and respond to airborne diseases in agriculture. Agricultural growers are historically reliant upon intuition and symptomatic indicators to manage crop disease. This often leads to the overuse and misapplication of chemical sprays.

When BioScout engaged Tiller Design, they had already developed working prototypes, demonstrating the principle of real-time airborne disease monitoring. The challenge was to evolve this into a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solution ready for mass-manufacture.

The ultimate goal was to create a fully autonomous system capable of detecting airborne diseases weeks in advance compared to traditional methods. This innovative technology aims to reduce unnecessary spraying and contribute to environmentally friendly farming practices.

Photos of the Bioscout product features including the internal workings and the product in use in a winery

The Solution

Creating BioScout’s monitoring system offered a chance to craft a distinctive combination of state-of-the-art sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and a robust yet appealing design that would harmonise with prestige vineyards.

The goal was to develop a device capable of enduring potentially extreme environmental conditions and operating autonomously for years without the need for human intervention.

We collaborated closely with BioScout throughout the project. At Tiller, our focus was on enhancing the spore collection efficiency, aesthetics, functionality, and commercial viability of the device, all while preserving its core functions.

Concurrently, BioScout refined their patented technology for spore collection, refining their automated AI-driven identification, and developed methods to optimise tape usage. They also expanded the product’s application to encompass areas such as food storage, transport safety, and airborne pollen count warnings.

Photo of the Bioscout product working in a field in the wind

The Result

The collaboration between Tiller Design and BioScout has resulted in a groundbreaking product that is redefining how farmers manage crop diseases.

Turning BioScout’s initial design into a robust, scalable, and user-friendly solution, this partnership addresses real-world challenges, leading to reduced over-spraying, healthier crops, and greater peace of mind for farmers.

With a focus on innovation, quality, and value, the collaboration has extended the product’s reach into broader applications, poised to revolutionise farming practices and beyond. Tiller Design’s expertise was pivotal in transforming BioScout’s concept into a game-changing product, contributing to more sustainable and intelligent decision-making in agriculture.

The success underscores both companies’ shared commitment to excellence and having a positive impact in the industry.


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