Case Study: ShotDot – A Realtime Shot Counter

September 2023

Title: Case Study: ShotDot - a Realtime Bullet Counter. Good Design Award winner. Image: Photo of the bullet counter on top of an image of men firing guns at a firing range wearing safety gear


The Challenge

The Kord Group is a privately owned group of technology companies, renowned for their patented push-button control and shot recording technologies for the military, law enforcement, homeland security and commercial shooting markets, striving to achieve solutions which will greatly improve operator performance and safety
and assurance.

Furthering this goal, Kord developed a device, called the ShotDot, which could provide highly accurate and permanent data with respect to the time and date of each shot discharged from a firearm.
With the challenge arising being the requirement of integrating this device seamlessly into the small form factor of a standard issue (for US Law Enforcement) and commercially available Glock Handgun.

This challenge required a highly skilled design team with significant experience to fit the technology into a very small form factor which would meet the stringent requirements of the market for accuracy, performance, and security.

Photos of the close up details of the bullet counter from Kord and how it is placed inside the handle of a handgun

The Solution

“It is testament to the skills and abilities of our industrial design partner, Tiller Design, that they were able to come up with a highly innovative design that overcame these challenges.” – Dr Peter Moran, CEO Kord Group

With the technical aspect of the design being led by Kord, we at Tiller Design were required to focus on developing the robust encasing of the device to suit the numerous physical demands of the device within its everyday application.

This involved developing a design that would integrate seamlessly within the Glock firearm by using high quality over-molded components, whilst being simple to install and access for maintenance by the user and providing an IP67 rating to ensure protection from the ingress of water, oil, metal shavings, and other contaminants expected to be present during regular use.

We collaborated closely throughout the entire design process with Kord to ensure that all safety requirements and regulations were carefully considered and met, implementing physical safeguards against unintentional use to ensure usage of the device will not lead to unintentional harm in any way.

The Result

The collaboration between Tiller Design and Kord resulted in an innovative and commercially successful product, that has revolutionised the way shot data is collected from firearms both in the line of duty and training.

The final device surpasses all requirements of the brief, achieving a greater than 99% accuracy rate in correctly identifying and recording shots, and as a result is now being extensively sought after by law enforcement agencies in America, receiving accolades and being heralded as a truly ground-breaking device which will change the very nature of police operations..


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