Design Entrepreneur Awards

Design Innovation & Entrepreneurial Spirit Plus Full Commercialisation

February 2016

The [Design Entrepreneur Awards]( was created by, and is a collaboration between, [CtechBA]( and [Good Design Australia](, and it will connect design innovation with full commercialisation. Design and entrepreneurial spirit can be a potent combination for success, leading to many amazing products coming to market. What’s often not clear, is how your innovation will be commercialised.

The launch of the DEA [Design Entrepreneurial Awards] connects commercialisation power and design innovation, by putting designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs with an idea at the pre-commercialisation stage together with leading commercialisation experts. Tiller Design has been working behind the scenes putting the awards together. Robert Tiller is a director of CtechBA, and is passionate about bridging the gap between innovation and commercialisation.”

It’s exciting to think that this competition will not only showcase great innovation, it will also support and help bring design innovation to market. As a director of CtechBA I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful entries, as an experienced designer at Tiller Design I can’t wait to see how powerful this collaboration will be. The DEA is open for entries now. -Robert Tiller

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