EMVision First Images

Promising first images from clinical trial

April 2020

EMVision Medical Devices has released the first stroke patient images from their pilot clinical trial showing a strong correlation between their functional scans and ground truth scans (MRI and CT).

Tiller Design has been integral to the design, development and fabrication of this first mobile brain imaging device and are proud of the brilliant work being done across the collaborative team.

“Our skilled and committed team of designers have been leading the design and development of the EMVision brain scanner with EMVision Medical Devices Ltd and researchers at the University of Queensland for over a year, to design and develop a portable brain scanner for medical imaging. This is a very complex and challenging medical device project.

It is highly rewarding to see great Australian research leveraged successfully into a globally focused business.” -Robert Tiller

EMVision ASX Release: ASX Release April 2020

Image courtesy of EMVision.

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