Good Design 2014

"Best in Category" at the Australian International Design Awards

June 2014

“Tiller Design scoops two of the nation’s top design awards at the International Australian Design Awards.

The Flip Reel by Squiddies designed by Tiller Design won Best in Category for Sport and Leisure at the coveted Australian International Design Awards. Flip Reel is a classic embodiment of design creativity leading to an extremely innovative product that is making waves in a saturated market.

ICCL PAD – Integrated Communications Cap Lamp – Personnel Alert Device won Best in Category for Commercial and Industrial. PADI is a mining comms system and is recognised for its innovation, ruggedisation and clever design.

Visit the Good Design Australia website to view the winners of the [Good Design Award® Best in Category for 2014.](

There is always high hopes and anticipation around the top awards night in Australia for product design excellence, it was very exciting to win two best in categories. This not only endorses our team as the most creative in the country but in the case of Flip Reel, means we were this good while fishing. A very different fishing tale to those I am used to telling. -Robert Tiller

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