IDSA’s Quarterly INNOVATION: Fall 2015 & The Henry Ford Curators Choice

December 2015

[INNOVATION: Fall 2015]( is the latest quarterly produced by the Industrial Designers Society of America, subtitled “Yearbook Of Design Excellence”. Following selection – by Marc Greuther, Chief Curator – for The Henry Ford Curator’s Choice at the IDSA’s International Design Excellence Awards 2015, Flip Reel by Squiddies™ features in a two page article [Curator’s Choice: Flip Reel]( in the magazine. The design and manufacture for Squiddies Pty Ltd was done by Tiller Design. Founder and CEO Robert Tiller says “The photograph of the fish sums it up for us – the picture was taken by a kid, while fishing with his dad, enjoying the outdoors – fun; the primary feature of the Flip Reel.”

When it comes to candidates for this award, I can’t deny that I’m a sucker for simplicity. And for tools (though I have a broad definition of tools). And for the skilled use of materials. This satisfied all three.
-Marc Greuther

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