Introducing Flip Reel by Squiddies

Introducing Flip Reel by Squiddies™ Created By Tiller Design

January 2016

“Together, Tiller Design and Squiddies have designed the world’s first Flip Reel. The multi award winning, Australian designed Flip Reel is a modern take on the old art of handline fishing. Not only will the Flip Reel allow you to get up close and personal to the action, but has been designed to be a safe and an easy option for adults and the children to enjoy – without the hassle of expensive or complicated kits.

In design basics, the Flip Reel is equipped with a large bell to guide the fishing line during casting while doubling up as a protective cover for hook line and sinker when the reel is ready to put away. With a comfortable soft grip and a rubberized finish for ease of use, Flip Reel also grips, reducing the likelihood of slipping away – plus it also floats!

CEO of Tiller Design Robert Tiller, says “*We have worked hard to ensure that every thought possible has gone into simplifying fishing to make it enjoyable for people of any age and all levels of experience*.”

The clever bell design flips open allowing you to fish in seconds and when you are done, just flip the bell back down to half its size. The five key design features of the Flip Reel include:

1. Hand Line “Feel Every Bite” Fishing: Direct contact with the fish you’re trying to catch; feel the thrill.
2. Clever Hook, Line & Sinker Storage: Hook, line & sinker pack away, deep wells keep fingers safe.
3. Ergonomically Designed Soft Grip: Comfort and control when you have the big one on the line.
4. Compact & Portable: Flip the patented folding bell and you’re packed ready to go.
5. Line Cutter Built In: The grip provides you with a handy cutting tool right at your fingertips.

Flip Reel by Squiddies is now available for purchase in a range of four colours for the recommended retail price of USD $19.99 at [](”

I can remember fishing when I was six years old, running the boat down the ramp full of the excitement of a grand adventure. It has been such a pleasure to tap into these feelings and create a new product for fishing along with Squiddies who are an exciting company to work with!
-Robert Tiller

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