New Alzheimer’s Treatment in first Human Trial

December 2021

Tiller Design are immensely proud to have played our part in the development of a first human trial device in a ground breaking potential new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Led by Professor Jürgen Götz, researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute have developed a novel approach using ultrasound energy to disrupt some of the features (amyloid and tau plaques) present in the brains of these patients and using that energy to transmit valuable therapeutic Alzheimer’s treatments across the blood brain barrier. At this exciting stage of the program, we have been working closely with QBI to build a device that can be used to test the technology in a human trial, in a clinical setting.

“The team at Tiller Design worked seamlessly with our researchers to bring together a design and development program that reflected and dealt with the challenges of translating the research requirements into a fit-for-purpose clinical ready device.” Dr Rachel de las Heras, Ultrasound Product Development Manager, Queensland Brain Institute.

The story behind this Alzheimer’s treatment research spanning more than a decade, has been captured in this article in The Australian.

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