No Rock Cafe Table Technology

The Future in No Rock Tables Has Landed at a Standstill

January 2016

“Tiller Design is excited to share their collaboration with No Rock Table Technology, the product design, development and commercialisation of the award-winning [No Rock Café Tables]( The revolutionary No Rock Technology has been specifically designed to solve the old age problem of tables rocking on uneven surfaces.

Robert Tiller, CEO of the award-winning Tiller Design, says, “*With over 25-years in the business of product design and development, Tiller Design is proud to bring these tables to life in a brilliant collaboration with the team at No Rock*”.

The team at Tiller Design created the table bases with No Rock’s Chris Heyring and his team’s expert knowledge in stabilisation systems; Chris explains, “*Using mechanical mock ups of the system, we quickly implemented an aesthetic makeover and created designs for mass production that are specific to the outdoor café market.*”

No Rock Café Tables uses a simple mechanical system with four pivoting legs that are interconnected in such as way that they must reach an average weight loading on all four feet. When a table is placed on an uneven surface, the feet will move until all four feet reach a state of equilibrium, or more simply, a state of stability.

The tables require no further user interaction other than placing the table where it is needed. On its own, the table will immediately settle and provide a stable surface. The genius design means that table base is long lasting and maintenance free.

No Rock bases and legs are available as separate components and everything is flat packed, which means No Rock tables have very efficient shipping configurations with fast and simple assembly.

A wide range of designs and styles can be generated using different materials, fabrication methods and price points yet all including the ground breaking no-rock leg design. No Rock Café Tables are now available at Furniture Options, Cafe Culture + Insutu and Estilo Commercial.

Just think about the wonderful café experience everyone can now have without spilling wine or coffee everywhere, no more worrying about those rocking tables! It is a great example of excellent design and engineering to solve a common consumer problem. -Robert Tiller

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