oOh!media Digital Media

oOh!media Digital Media across Qantas Terminals

December 2012

oOh!media recently rolled out digital media assets across Qantas terminals. Tiller Design created these assets, which now stand for all to see whenever you travel through Qantas terminals. There are often projects that need to have many requirements met within critical deadlines. When oOh!media signed up to supply Qantas, the deadline and the quality were set and expectations high, thus they turned to Tiller Design as the most trusted design house in the country to meet the deadline, budget and deliver a creative solution. This is another example of how committed our team is to the core needs of clients and their projects, meeting these needs and creating beautiful design at the same time is a solid achievement.

oOh!media was once again delighted to work with Tiller Design on the development of the latest in the series of digital Eyelites… the team at Tiller understand the commercial imperatives of a project and even with new product development, were able to meet out timelines and once again exceed our expectations. -Stephen Rubie, General Manager Innovation

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