Product Development Top Tips

Good Design Award Winners Share Their Top Tips

January 2016

“Recently taking out two awards at the prestigious 2016 Good Design Awards, plus finalist for five of their other innovative products, Tiller Design are the true experts when it comes to product design, development and commercialisation. The award winning Australian product developers Tiller Design share their top tips to get an idea to market.

Founder and CEO Robert Tiller has over 25 years experience in the highly competitive industry and has a proven track record when it comes to taking a pencil sketch to the shelves of a major retailer. Tiller’s top tips to getting an idea from a light bulb moment to the stores include:

1. Don’t invest time and money on patents until the design team has created concepts
that meet the many needs and is clearly solving your customer’s problems.
2. Work with a product design team who can guide you through the entire process from concept to finished production, create a solid design strategy, rather than multiple agencies along the way.
3. Understand time frames and plan your budget accordingly.
4. Plan for the transition to manufacture, and know your path to sales channels early.
5. Let a trusted design team lead the design project and connect the product to your
customers. Above all don’t give up, there will be many highs and lows along the way.”

"There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the value and the process of product design and development, especially since we have moved into an online era of freelancers from around the world offering to create prototypes in a day.

The early stages of product design and development are the most crucial and can be a key indicator of a products future success. So it’s important to have the right team and level of expertise working alongside you to bring your vision to life." -Robert Tiller

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