Betachek C50

National Diagnostics

With Type 2 diabetes increasing around the world, providing an easy and user-friendly way to monitor blood sugar levels was needed to improve patient compliance, reducing diabetic complications. We examined current options to look at giving users a better experience.

With a focus on usability, C50 delivers lab-accuracy results while providing life-changing convenience for people needing to take frequent blood sugar readings. The cartridge system delivers 50 tests and provides safe storage for used tests. The lancing point is safely enclosed within the housing, avoiding the need to carry a separate lancet. C50 epitomises world-class micro engineering and design. 


The Betachek C50 all-in-one blood glucose meter is the world’s first meter with a 50-test cassette and fully integrated lancing device. Offering an easy and user-friendly way to monitor blood sugar levels improves patient compliance, reducing diabetic complications such as amputations, organ failure and blindness. The design has provided a low-cost solution that can be accessible in lower-income countries where diabetes is affecting 15% of the population or higher.