Freedom+ Surf

Ocean Guardian Freedom+ powered by Shark Shield Technology

Shark Shield is the world’s only scientifically proven electrical shark deterrent. Our challenge was to apply this technology to the world of surfing that would not impede the performance characteristics of the board. Freedom+ was created.

By reimagining the packaging of the electronics and battery, we allowed the Power Module to sit within the standard form of a kick pad. The smart enclosure is fully sealed against saltwater, so the surfer is never impeded. The antennae has been designed to be a decal meaning its only microns thick resulting in virtually no additional drag.


Through the proven shark deterring technology and ability to retrofit onto existing boards easily, the West Australian government has endorsed Freedom+ and offers a $200 rebate for all systems sold in WA. The seamless design makes it utterly versatile, and the power module can then easily swap between boards and will last for a full day’s surfing.