Ocean Guardian BOAT01

Diving into the big blue ocean is magical, but also comes with inherent risk of what lurks beneath. Australia has the 2nd highest unprovoked shark incidents rates in the world behind the US.

For over a decade, the team behind Ocean Guardian have trusted Tiller Design to develop products to keep people safe in the ocean environment. Powered by Shark Shield, the world’s only scientifically proven electrical shark deterrent technology, BOAT01 is a deployable buoy specifically designed for swimmers, boat owners and families to enjoy the ocean anytime, anywhere.

The buoy is made up of an antenna that creates a powerful electrical field to keep your family safe without affecting marine life. The technology takes advantage of highly sensitive receptors present in a shark’s snout creating great discomfort but with no long term effects.

The buoy is made from strong and durable materials utilising rotational moulding processes to provide greater flexibility of shape and cost efficiencies to meet the harsh operational conditions of the open sea.

Reach out to the Tiller Design team to discuss your project. For product information and sales, please visit Ocean Guardian.