Australian Timber shutters

The modern home is becoming increasingly automated, yet window covering technology failed to provide homeowners with a simple and intuitive product. With this in mind, we researched and tested new and innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of power, connectivity and control.

OpenShutters leads the way in automating daily routines around the home while reducing energy costs by optimising heating and cooling in the home. The battery-powered motorised shutter blade is powerful enough to move up to 20 blades within a frame while remaining within a sleek form. Connecting via IoT communications to a central hub, the motorised blades can be installed in every frame around the home. The system can also be retrofitted by swapping out an existing blade with a motorised blade.


OpenShutters provides simple control and automation for shutters. Via an app, shutters can be set to open, close or anywhere in between, collectively or individually from anywhere you have an internet connection. The Good Design Awards jury praised OpenShutters commenting: “OpenShutters has many advantages and numerous applications. A disruptive addition to this product category never seen before.”