Rifle Input Controller

Kord Defence

For over 20 years Tiller Design has worked closely with Kord Defence developing user centric solutions for challenging and hazardous environments. Commencing with underwater computing solutions, the technology pivoted to weapon mounted and body worn programmable control systems that enable soldiers and other operators to keep “Head up, Eyes on Target, Hands on Weapon.”

Built on our experience of ruggedisation, high level sealing requirements and ergonomics together with exhaustive user testing; a deep understanding of user needs was developed, particularly usability in high stress situations and high cognitive load.


Today, Kord Defence is a world leader in the provision of mobile interface control solutions for operators in the Military, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement markets. Their mission is to help people in hazardous and stressful situations to operate their increasingly complex electronic equipment quickly, instinctively and safely. 

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