Tankfarm Dewatering System

Saudi Aramco

Tiller Design was approached by the world’s largest company to develop a solution that would reduce waste, cost and have a profound positive environmental impact. Crude oil sits in large tanks to allow for separation of oil and water before shipping. The water is drained off, and the pipes manually closed after visual inspection, which can result in long delays between investigation and action.

Our solution, protected by two global patents, listened for the change from water to oil through the pipe. This process allowed for real-time notification and immediate action — a genuinely world-first innovation deployed in Saudi Aramco’s tanks.


With such an ongoing impact, the outcomes of the TankFarm Dewatering System are still being measured. Following testing and validation procedures, this technology has been deployed across many of Saudi Aramco’s assets, significantly reducing crude oil wastage and the resulting remediation and cleaning activities.