The Little Guy


We all love the aesthetic of the classic 1950’s Atomic stovetop espresso maker. The problem is that it makes very average coffee. Like all stovetop products, water is heated until steams works its way through the group head, often too hot and with not enough pressure to produce the crema or the full-bodied flavour we all love. We challenged this old-school method to find a way to make great coffee without losing the visual appeal.

Highlighting the original aesthetic, inside the all-new cast stainless steel body is a patented valve system delivering a double shot of coffee at a set temperature and pressure. Complete with a steam wand, a world-first for stovetop espresso makers, The Little Guy was thoroughly tested by the whole design team! It comes with its own tamper and stainless-steel jug to complement one of the best coffee experiences in the world.


The Little Guy is an award-winning premium espresso system, both for the quality of coffee it produces and the innovative design and engineering that brings the classic 1950’s Atomic into the 21st  Century. Thanks to its much-loved design and the delicious, high-quality coffee it produces, The Little Guy is in demand in stores across Australia, USA, Europe, and online.