Trophon EPR®


The original way to clean and disinfect ultrasound probes required a dedicated room within the clinical environment incorporating a large bath of hydrogen peroxide, an extremely hazardous chemical. This process took over four hours to complete and often required a dedicated technician. We aimed to reduce the time of a cleaning cycle and further reduce the risk of exposure to disinfectant chemicals.

Solving complex challenges, Trophon EPR® represents a multi-year research and development collaborative effort by the Tiller Design and Nanosonics teams to establish the core foundation of the nano-nebulant technology. The compact design means Trophon EPR® can be located at the point of care, helping to improve patient workflow. The fully enclosed system helps protect both patients and staff by limiting exposure to harmful disinfectant chemicals.


Nanosonics Trophon EPR® improves the safety and efficiency of ultrasound probe disinfection worldwide. Taking just seven minutes, disinfection takes place in an automated, closed system and uses a vaporised hydrogen peroxide nebulant. It’s fast, safe and straightforward to use. Trophon EPR® is the platform that grew Nanosonics into a world leader in high-level disinfection systems, and a market cap of over one billion dollars.