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Robert Tiller, Founder of Tiller Design. Team Biography

January 2016

“With over 25 years experience and a multitude of international and local awards under his belt, Robert Tiller is truly an expert when it comes to product design, development and commercialisation.

As a child he grew up on the land, where invention was a daily task. Without realising it, Robert’s passion for Industrial design and path to his successful career had begun.

Initially studying science at Flinders University, Robert made a swift change following a visit to an industrial design school in his hometown of Adelaide. He was then selected into a group of only 25 students, where less than a third would graduate. Robert quickly realised that the folios of work required to complete his studies were in fact those that he had already being doing for enjoyment on a daily basis.

Tiller’s first full product design was a Sunbeam hand mixer, likely found in many households in the 90’s. Back then, everything was done on drawing boards and prototyped by hand. Every drawing had to be meticulously drawn and was the archival copy of the design used for production, quite different to today’s methodology using CAD modelling, virtual reality and CNC machining or 3D printing.

After many years gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in various industry and consulting roles, including Sunbeam, Robert founded Tiller Design. Celebrating its 20th birthday in 2017 will be a significant milestone for Robert and the team.

Other career highlights include his various judging invitations, including the Samsung Des Awards where he was one of the international judges for the prestigious awards. More recently he was the driving force behind the creation of the Design Entrepreneur Awards – established to support up and coming Industrial Designers.

It’s the simple things however that inspire Robert on a daily basis with nature at the heart of it and a blue or black pencil listed as his all time favourite product.

Today Robert’s qualifications and specialties include:

– ISO9001 accredited
– Commercialisation planning, strategy design
– Product design and development
– Programme management
– Medical and scientific device development
– Strategic creative thinking and problem solving”

Tiller Design are award-winning specialists in product design and development. Having spent over 25 years in the business of product design and commercialisation, Robert Tiller and his team are the geniuses behind some of the world’s breakthrough medical, consumer and tech products available on the market today. From a pencil sketch to the shelves of major retailers or hospitals and even your local coffee shop – Tiller Design are the go-to when it comes to getting quality products to market.

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