Saudi Aramco Major Milestone

Saudi Aramco Major Milestone Completed

December 2012

“Aramco visit the scientific lab to review prototype units and approve the field testing phase.

Saudi Aramco engineers recently spent a week with Tiller Scientific+Medical team members in their Sydney design studio and lab, testing and reviewing two prototype units built for field trials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These units will be tested and deployed into a large oil storage facility, to monitor the dewatering process.

The patented electronics and software technology developed by TSM monitors and establishes transition from crude to water in a very clever way, a critical phase transition in the dewatering process. the Project highlights include saving millions of dollars, improving safety, minimising environmental issues and working with the Aramco team in the Kingdom or Saudi Arabia.”

This is a fantastic example of our ability to not only work with international clients and cultures, but really tells how our dedicated and focused cross disciplinary team can bring new IP and solutions to large scale global problems. As we move into the testing phase we are very excited by the future prospects this technology will deliver over the coming years. -Robert Tiller

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