Shark Shield

Shark Shield & Tiller Design Breaking into the Mainstream

February 2014

Tiller Design’s latest project is to integrate [Shark Shield]( technology into surf boards. Shark Shield has products that create electrical fields around divers and surfers, these fields repel sharks. In this project we are using the fins as conductors and the grip pad as the interface between the conductors. This means we create extremely high performance fins which double as a protective shield against curious, or deadly, sharks. The technology has long had success, albeit with a low profile, but having been used and validated by the military it is now breaking into the mainstream.

This technology is amazing, we are very excited to be working with Shark Shield on such a cool and potentially life saving product. Designing fins and grip pads that will integrate the technology onto existing and new surf boards is a key feature. Making sure the performance of the surfboard is enhanced once the technology is integrated is paramount to our design thinking. We see this as an obvious add-on for surfing. Replacing fins and grip pad with Shark Shield product turns the surfboard into a shark deterrent. -Robert Tiller

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