The future is bright – meet Reece

June 2020

Reece Wallace, currently doing a five-year degree in Bio Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney is the inaugural member of what will become the Tiller Intern Alumni. Just one of the ways we are weaving our desire to Challenge + Champion Smarter Ways into Australia’s design and innovation tapestry.

Reece joined us in December seeking a “bigger, broader, more hands-on internship than my colleagues joining large corporate organisations. I was looking for something unique within the Biomedical industry.”

As he integrated with the design team, he believes his decision is proving right as “I am learning lots of new skills around the complete design thinking process and continuous iteration. This ensures that not only do I find a solution to an issue, but that it’s constantly refined throughout the journey, to the point that even a small input on a much larger project becomes a standalone innovation in its own right.”

Now at the end of his six month internship, Reece reflects on key learnings noting “One of the main things I have learned is the challenge that comes with developing a product that meets a client’s requirements, especially when it comes to the field of medical products. Communication between individuals to overcome these challenges is critical. I have also gained perspective on industry and have had the opportunity to add value to life changing projects. Working in Tiller Design has developed lasting impact on my ability to approach projects in the future.

It may be unique to Tiller Design, but because they have such a diverse and experienced team, they work together to constantly challenge each other’s thinking and existing concepts to create smarter solutions that have real impact.”

Reece’s current plan when he finishes his studies, is to join the Mercy Ships as a bio-medical technician in developing countries; a worthy challenge for a great thinker sure to make his mark in the years ahead.

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